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Yoga for Weight Loss: How Much Does It Help?

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There can be no doubt that regular physical exercise is an essential part of any effective weight loss program. However, you also need to understand that not all workouts are equal in their fat-burning efficiency. The matter of yoga for weight loss, in particular, has been debated by many experts of sport and fitness. Today we’ll help you understand what kind of result you can expect by including yoga practice in your exercise program.

The important thing to understand before we get into the yoga efficiency details is that any form of physical activity can contribute to weight loss. This is something all fitness trainers and doctors agree on. This means that yoga can help lose weight.

However, there is no arguing the fact that the rate of fat burning during a yoga practice is much slower when compared to cardio and strength-building exercises. This is the argument used by those who claim that yoga is inefficient for weight loss programs.

How Yoga for Weight Loss Works

To understand how yoga can benefit a weight loss fitness routine you need to focus on the advantages of this practice as a whole. The main point of these exercises is to help a person become more aware and mindful of their body.

In a way, yoga allows you to feel more comfortable in your own skin because you become aware of every little muscle and discover what exactly you are capable of. Due to the nature of yoga, you build up your flexibility gradually but consistently. This increases the emotional gratification you get from the exercise as you can actually see how your body becomes stronger and more flexible.

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Another great advantage of yoga for weight loss is the help of this practice in reducing stress. This is one of the main factors that prevents people from making lifestyle changes necessary to achieve their fitness goals. Including even as little as 1-2 yoga sessions in your weekly workout plan will help alleviate some of the stress and improve your overall results.

Power Yoga Vs. Aerobic Workouts

One of the things that the experts also agree on is that aerobic exercises are the most effective from the fat-burning point of view. Due to their very nature they make you burn off more calories while they make the blood rush through your veins.

However, there is a very important factor that may prevent you from reaping cardio benefits for weight loss. The fact is that this form of exercise is highly strenuous for the body. People suffering from some health issues may not be able to perform them at all, or have to limit their sessions to 3-5 minutes max.

Yoga, on the other hand, is safe for everyone. You just need to find the right type of practice for you. If you are most interested in shedding pounds faster, the American ‘power yoga’ would be your best bet. It’s a variety of the Kundalini technique that mixes traditional breathing practices with faster movements. Overall, it’s a more active type of yoga that offers a more intense workout, but it should be practiced under the guidance of an experienced trainer. This is essential because the efficiency of the exercise largely depends on how correct your breathing and posture are.

Don’t forget that exercise won’t help you lose weight fast without a proper diet. If it’s the speed you seek, you can complement your program with various supplements, like Garcinia Cambogia. This product will help you boost your energy as well as the fat-burning rate, so you’ll have more strength to exercise.

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