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Vitamins for Beauty

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Healthy skin, nails and hair are all important elements that make a person truly beautiful. If you do not take proper care of your body, you may end up losing this beauty really fast. Filling your diet with the right vitamins and minerals will ensure that your looks remain stunning for years.

The most important microelements for beauty are:

Biotin (Vitamin B7)
Lack of this vitamin in your body can cause hair loss and slow down the process of natural hair growth. It is an essential element for hair and nail health. Apart from supplements, biotin can be found in brown rice, oats and sunflower seeds.

Vitamin B6
This vitamin influences your melanin levels. This means that it is directly responsible for the color of your hair. It also provides protection to hair and nails and prevents them from braking.
Vitamin B6 is another effective anti-thinning element that is a necessary addition to any hair loss treatment.

Niacin (Vitamin B3)
As all other B vitamins niacin promotes hair growth. It stimulates blood circulation that provides follicles with oxygen and nutrients. This makes your hair and nails thicker.

Vitamin A
This vitamin is essential for your immune system. This means that it is directly connected to your overall health, and its deficit will affect your body on many levels. In terms of hair, nail and skin, lack of vitamin A will cause them to dry and become scaly. At a normal level, this element normalizes the production of sebum that protects your hair and skin from negative outside influence.
You can get vitamin A from eating kale and carrots.

Vitamin C
The most important task of vitamin C is boosting your blood circulation. This way it speeds up all the processes in your body. This makes all your system work better and removes harmful toxins faster.
Oranges, berries and sweet peppers are rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin E
This is another important vitamin that improves circulation. Its effect is so strong that it can even help revert hair loss. When applied directly to your hair and nails, it will form a protective coat and moisturize the skin of your scalp making it healthier.
You can find vitamin E in various nuts.

Fish Oil
Although it’s not a vitamin, fish oil is rich with Omega 3 fatty acids. They are essential for your body’s overall health. Omega 3 fats boost regeneration process and protect your cells from harmful outside influence.

This is a “building” mineral that strengthens your hair strands and nails making them thicker and harder.

a high quality supplement for Hair growth

Taking all these vitamins and other elements separately is not an option. You can find many effective vitamin and mineral complexes in the form of supplements. Our Hair Growth Essentials contains all the necessary microelements that will make your skin, nails and hair healthy and beautiful. This supplement is effective both for hair loss treatment and prevention.

Hair Protection Tips

Apart from taking supplements to keep your hair thick, healthy and shiny, you will need to use some other means to protect it from the elements.

- Wear a hat or a scarf on cold days.
When exposed to cold, the skin of your scalp will suffer some serious damage that will weaken the follicles. Wearing a nice warm hat will prevent this. Bear in mind that the hat shouldn’t be too tight so as not to disrupt blood circulation. You will also need to take it off when entering a building to prevent overheating.

- Use sunblock for hair.
During the summer, you should use special sunblock sprays for your hair. They will protect it from the harmful UV rays and keep the hair moisturized even on an extremely hot summer day.

Massage your scalp.
This will improve blood circulation and can even help with headaches.

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