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5 Simple Tips for Getting Good Sleep Every Night

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Long work hours, stress, environmental pollution, poor eating habits, and dozens of other factors can prevent you from getting a good sleep every night. However, regular periods of rest are essential for maintaining your general health. Today we’ll share with you some tips on how to restore a healthy sleep pattern.

Keep It Regular

Did you know that the level of energy you wake up with and the quality of rest you get depends less on the length of your sleep than on the time you go to bed? Try going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day for at least two weeks and you’ll feel more energized in the morning. Bouts of insomnia will become less frequent.

Note that every person needs a different number of hours to rest properly. If you are getting enough sleep, you’ll have no difficulty getting up without an alarm clock. If you have trouble with getting out of bed, you might need to:

  • - Increase the hours of sleep
  • - Shift your sleeping schedule

The general guidelines for getting a good sleep stipulate that you should go to bed around 10 pm and rest for 8 hours. However, as every person has a unique biorhythm, you’ll need to listen to your body and work out a pattern that fits you personally.

Control Your Light Exposure

Your sleep-wake cycle is regulated by the hormone melatonin. Your body produces more of it when it’s dark, causing you to start to feel sleepy. Reliance on melatonin to prevent insomnia has worked well for our ancestors. However, the technological progress that gave us light reduced the efficiency of this natural system. Melatonin - Adult Gummies - Strawberry Flavored

You can try to restore the normal melatonin production cycle by spending more hours outdoors during the daytime, and toning down the light in the evening. Unfortunately, this is impossible for the majority of people who need to spend their days at work. In this case, you might consider taking  Melatonin Adult Gummies from Quality Nature. This supplement will promote restful sleep and help normalize your circadian rhythm.

Keep Fit, but Avoid Exercising before Bed

Aside from making you physically stronger, workouts boost brain power, energy levels, and blood flow. They also help with getting good sleep every night. This happens because the physical exercise increases the amount of time you spend in the ‘deep’ restorative stages of sleep.

Any amount of exercise has a positive effect on sleep quality, but the more intense the workout, the bigger the benefits it brings.

Note that poorly timed training sessions can have the opposite effect on your rest periods, so be sure to complete exercising no less than 3 hours before bed. Relaxing yoga and light stretches before bed are allowed and can even help you fall asleep faster.

Maintain a Sleep-Friendly Diet

Sleep problems are often connected to poor eating habits, so changing your meal plan might be necessary. There are quite a few dietary guidelines for healthy sleep. The most important of them include:

  • - No overeating before bed
  • - Reducing the intake of caffeinated beverages
  • - Increasing the intake of magnesium

Develop a Routine

Establishing a special ritual before bed will help your brain switch to ‘sleep mode’, which can help with insomnia and improve the quality of your rest overall. Your routine might be as simple as showering and brushing your teeth, or contain some elements that are uniquely you. The important thing is to repeat it every day to ensure this turns into a habit.

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