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Tea Detox: Is It Safer than Detox Supplements?

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Tea detoxes are often advertised as one of the most effective methods to lose weight, but are they really as good as they sound? While overviewing the nature of the tea detox method, let’s also take a look at whether it’s safer than its alternatives, such as detox supplements.

What is Tea Detox?

Tea detoxification (or “tea-tox”) products are sold under many names, like bamboo and rhubarb teas, and come in various flavors and blends. Marketed as a weight loss and cleansing method, these teas have become popular in recent years for their ability to suppress the appetite and boost metabolism. Usually it’s recommended to consume the teas for periods of time ranging from a week to a month.

Safety of Detox Ingredients

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In terms of ingredients, tea detox usually includes various herbs, like milk thistle and dandelion, which are known for their properties of supporting the liver function and detoxification process. These ingredients are not any more dangerous than detox supplements, but only when taken in moderate doses.

Another popular ingredient in tea-tox blends is senna leaf, an FDA-approved anti-constipation drug. Even though it’s safe when using in short term, it’s not recommended for prolonged use, as it might lead to undesirable gastrointestinal effects.

Licorice is also often used in tea-toxes as a natural sweetener. While a small research confirms that licorice in moderate amounts helps reducing body fat, other evidence suggests that prolonged use of licorice poses certain health risks.

As a result, tea detox products can be less safe than its alternatives, like Quality Nature’s Colon Healthy Cleanser.

Is Tea Detoxification Good for Weight Loss?

The research has shown that this method of detox can assist you with weight loss – however, it might be temporary.

A large percentage of tea-tox products use senna leaf as the main ingredient. Its laxative effects can give consumers the feeling of body detoxification, and combined with a strict diet, tea-tox can result in a short-term weight loss. It’s worth noting that in some cases, you might not lose actual fat, but water weight instead; losing fluid might make you feel lighter.

However, as soon as you stop drinking the tea, any lost weight might return. This is due to the fact that a lot of tea-tox programs also require going on a specific diet, which can also be hard to maintain. In this regard, more traditional detox methods - such as supplements - are more practical and easier to stick to. Just remember that any detox method works best when combined with proper exercise to work correctly.

Side Effects of Tea Detox

While there are no health risks imposed in going on detox regimes for a short time, a long-term use of tea-toxes is not the best choice.

  • - Detox teas have little regulation. Sometimes it can be hard to check the proper required amount of certain ingredient intakes, or how it might interact with other medications or supplements.
  • - Senna leaf in high doses can result in dehydration, liver harm and laxative dependence.
  • - The daily intake of licorice of more than a few weeks has been proven to cause high blood pressure and electrolyte imbalance.
  • - Some of the detox tea blends might reduce the effectiveness of birth control.
  • - They might interfere with your sleep, as most detox teas are high in caffeine, which can also suppress appetite.

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