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Taking Supplements: Simple Timing Tips

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Nowadays, food supplements have become not only an integral part of a diet for sports people and healthy life activists, but also a component of a daily nutrition for ordinary people. Despite such a common supplement use, not everybody knows the key things about their correct intake, which may result in a reduced effect. This comprehensive guide is to help you find out when and how it is better to take your vitamins, minerals, and other dietary buds.

Vitamins to Take on an Empty Stomach

There are very few items that are recommended for an empty stomach intake. Food may affect their digestion, so they should be consumed in the early morning. These include probiotics, amino acids, and iron. If you take fiber for weight loss and your organism cleansing, you’d better ingest it when you just wake up, half an hour before your breakfast. Other vitamins and minerals are better absorbed with meals, as they can irritate your stomach and cause nausea if taken prandial.

Supplements with Breakfast

Morning is the best time to take tablets that boost energy like protein powders and B vitamins. However, B12 is an exception and is better absorbed on an empty stomach in the morning or before you go to sleep. If your first meal contains low-fat milk, yoghurt, or other dairy foods low in saturated fat, this will be a perfect breakfast with which to take vitamin E and coenzyme Q10. Another morning vitamin is C. It is water-soluble and will wash away from your body in few hours so splitting your dose to take it later in the day is highly recommended.

Afternoon and Evening Intake

When your lunchtime has come, eat your zinc, iodine, and fish oil supplements. Actually, zinc can be taken with any meals, but it can interfere with iron and calcium, so avoid taking these minerals at the same time. Vitamins D and K are good for consuming throughout the day with your lunch or dinner, but you have to make sure your meals contain some fatty foods, as these vitamins are fat-soluble.

Minerals That Work Best Before Bedtime

Calcium and magnesium work together, so some healthcare product providers produce them as a single item. They have a muscle relaxation effect, so are better consumed before your bedtime, thus aiding your quality sleep. Other items to take at night are proteolytic enzymes (the best intake is 2-3 hours after your last meal).

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Final Tips

If you aim for a long-term result, be sure to take your buds on a regular basis. Your organism needs the whole day and night period to absorb most medications. Therefore, if you’ve taken some today in the morning, it will be more effective to take them at the same time tomorrow morning. Also, don’t take a double dose if you missed one intake.

If the dosage form of your vitamins is tablets or capsules, you should wash them down with a liquid – water or some juice. If you drink tea and coffee along with the supplements, tannins and caffeine will inhibit the absorption of the nutrients. Moreover, heat is harmful and can kill the bacteria, like in the case when you take such products as Quality Nature’s Probiotic Advantage.

Most pills need to be kept in a dark and dry place, so make sure you follow the storage conditions. If you take other drugs prescribed by your doctor, you have to make a consultation appointment before taking them together with your food supplements.

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