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Supplements for Beauty: The Wonders of Phytoceramides for Skin

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There are dozens of factors that affect your appearance and some of them can rob you off your natural beauty long before your time. It’s true that aging is an inevitable process that can’t be stopped. However, you have the power to slow it down, or do the contrary. The environmental pollution, combined with unhealthy lifestyle and diet speed up the aging process, promoting the destruction of collagen. This makes your skin sag and wrinkle, because collagen is the protein that forms the connecting tissues within your body and thus, helps your skin remain toned and smooth.

If you want to prevent this, and ensure your face remains wrinkle-free for as long as possible, you’ll need to provide your skin with this essential element. However, a healthy diet isn’t enough to preserve your beauty in the face of time. Considering the level of environmental pollution and other damaging factors that affect your body every day, you’ll need an extra dose of anti-aging solutions that promote the production of collagen. Phytoceramides from Quality Nature will be the best choice in this case because this supplement contains all the elements essential for preserving your youthful looks. They are:

- Phytoceramides.
Extracted from various plants, phytoceramides are elements with the unique ability to penetrate all four levels of dermis (skin). They contain lipids similar to the ones in your skin, which means that your body can absorb them more efficiently. The biggest advantages of phytoceramides for your beauty are their abilities to stimulate the collagen production and help your skin retain moisture. One of the benefits of good hydration is that it strengthens your skin’s natural defenses, increasing your ability to resist the environmental damage.


Vitamin A.
One of the most potent antioxidants, vitamin A is renowned for its ability to promote healing. It helps protect your skin against sun damage and helps reduce the damage from various inflammatory processes. Be sure to include some vitamin A-rich foods in your diet to complement the positive effects of Phytoceramides. The best natural sources of this nutrient are orange fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, apricots, mangoes, and pumpkins.

- Vitamin B.
This vitamin is another potent antioxidant. It reduces the damage from free radicals, which is the main cause behind the faster rate of collagen deterioration. Deficiency in this particular nutrient makes your skin dry and gray. It also results in dull and weak hair and brittle nails. In some cases, lack of vitamin B can cause acne breakouts and make it harder to heal them as it enhances inflammation. Severe cases of deficiency can lead to hair loss. Food sources of B vitamins are eggs, chicken, and grains.

- Vitamin C.
Often called the anti-aging vitamin #1, this nutrient possesses an extraordinary power to enhance your beauty. This antioxidant is extremely strong, and it does not only reduce the damage from oxidation. It also promotes the natural production of collagen. You can get an extra boost of vitamin C from bell peppers, citrus fruits, broccoli, strawberries, and tomatoes.

- Vitamin E.
This vitamin is vital for preserving your beauty because it provides your cells with protective membranes that help them withstand the assault from free radicals and various environmental elements. The positive effects of vitamin E are enhanced by combining it with vitamin C, and when you add phytoceramides into the mix, you get a supplement that really has the power to slow down the flow of time.

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