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Pros and Cons of Taking Probiotics

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Probiotics are microorganisms that can have a significant effect on your health if taken in the form of supplements. Many people are weary of them because the thought of taking a pill that contains bacteria is rather difficult to swallow for them, both literally and figuratively.

However, these bacteria are very different from those that cause you to fall sick. Even their name states so, as probiotic means “for life”. You will be able to decide whether you should take this supplement or not if you understand what kind of effects it will have on your body, as well as the risks associated with probiotics.

Benefits of Taking Probiotics

A high quality probiotic supplement, like our Probiotic Advantage, will have the following positive effects on your body:

Improving your digestive health.
There are over 1000 bacteria in your digestive tract. Human bodies use them in order to digest food and absorb nutrients. Should the balance of these bacteria be distorted, for example by taking antibiotics, their function will reduce significantly. This means that your body won’t be getting the necessary nutrients.
Probiotics restore the balance, thereby eliminating other unpleasant problems associated with this condition, such as diarrhea, cramps, constipation and abdominal pain.

Improving your urinary health.
The research shows that the efficiency of an antibiotic-based treatment of urinary tract infections increases if the patient is taking probiotic supplements. There are also some studies that show that probiotics help preventing these infections and other bacteria-associated problems with the urinary system. Women can benefit from these supplements the most as they are usually at risk of developing these conditions.

Reducing allergies.
Lots of people still don’t know about allergies and the biological mechanisms that cause them. However, the research shows that when taken by a pregnant woman, probiotics reduce the risk of allergies in an infant. Children whose mothers took probiotics during pregnancy show about 30% reduction in childhood eczema.

Improving overall woman’s health.
The female reproductive system relies on bacteria for staying healthy, just like the digestive tract. In this case, bacterial imbalance leads to yeast infections or bacterial vaginitis. Both these conditions are thoroughly unpleasant and potentially dangerous. Pregnant women are highly susceptible to these problems.
Probiotics prevent the development of these conditions and even help treat the one that already exists. Thus, saving you from the need to take other medicines that can be dangerous to the growing baby.

Immunity boost.
Bacteria within human bodies are responsible for their immune response. This means that taking probiotics that restore the natural balance of healthy bacteria will ensure that your immune system works as well as possible.

Assisting with weight loss.
Research indicates that some probiotics can effectively assist obese people in losing excess weight. They are especially efficient for those who have recently undergone a weight loss surgery.

Risks of Taking Probiotics

As with any other supplement, there are some inherent risks associated with taking probiotics. Though, they stem from the quality of the supplement instead of the microorganisms themselves. This means that you need to choose the pills containing these helpful bacteria very carefully. Our Probiotic Advantage has been tested in clinical environment and proved to have no negative side effects on the patients’ health.

We also guarantee that every capsule of the supplements produced by Quality Nature does not contain any harmful additives. Even the capsules themselves are vegan and devoid of any synthetic elements.

In a very limited number of cases, probiotics can cause the following mild side effects:

- Bloating

- Overstimulated metabolic activities

- Excessive immune system stimulation

If you experience some discomfort or notice any other symptoms after taking probiotics, you should contact your doctor and discuss the problem immediately. Perhaps, the strain of probiotics in this particular type of supplement is not the most fitting for your condition.

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