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Insomnia: Natural Ways to Regain Healthy Sleep

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Insomnia is a health disorder that can result in serious illness. If it is caused by a temporary condition, such as pain, headache, caffeine, or alcohol, it doesn’t require any treatment. Far more dangerous is insomnia that is connected with stress, bodily and mental fatigue, and a disrupted emotional state.

This sleep disorder affects you round-the-clock. You suffer from it at night when you lie in bed counting sheep or heartbeats. Getting up in the morning, you don’t feel rested or refreshed. During the day, you surprise your boss with your lack of attention and inability to concentrate on work, and you frighten loved ones with mood changes and flashes of irritability.

You Feel Something Has to Be Done

If you have had at least three sleepless nights a week during the last three months, it might be a good idea to visit a doctor. However, they will most likely prescribe you prescription medication, possibly even antidepressants. You should understand that taking medication is not always the right choice: many drugs tend to accumulate, and you will need higher and higher doses to achieve the desirable effect. Fortunately, you may avoid the risk of addiction if you follow these useful tips.

What Can Help You Overcome Sleep Disorders

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There are natural remedies for insomnia that include some food products, herbs, and supplements. Here are a few: 

- Melatonin is one of the substances that regulate our sleep cycle, or “circadian rhythms”. It is produced by the pineal gland in the brain and is often included in anti-insomnia medicines and supplements. It causes a drowsy effect by lowering body temperature, and thus facilitates falling asleep. Although its dosage in supplements is thoroughly measured and usually safe, you should consult a doctor when taking it. The best way to take melatonin supplements is to use strawberry flavored melatonin adult gummies.

- L-theanine, an amino-acid, is found in green tea. When your sleep is disturbed by anxiety, combat it with a cup of green tea. Recent research has found that L-thiamine boosts the immune system’s response to stress.

- Drinking a cup of warm milk may be the simplest thing that you can do to help yourself fall asleep. If you have no allergy to it, add a teaspoon of honey. Milk is rich in calcium, which promotes production of melatonin in the brain.

- Snacks rich in proteins and carbohydrates induce sleep, so half a banana, a slice of cheese, or some peanut butter will do you good, as long as you consume it no later than half an hour before going to sleep.

- Lavender oil produces a relaxing and calming effect. You may add a few drops to a warm bath and help your body and mind prepare for sleep.

- Valerian root, which has been used by people since ancient times as a sedative, can help treat insomnia. You may have to wait two to three weeks to get the desired effect.

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