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How to Boost Your Brainpower Preparing for Exams

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Preparing for exams is never easy, but what if you could have some aid with enhancing your brainpower during this trying period?

Today we will share with you some tricks that will help improve your memory and cognition for a short time. Some of the techniques can even give you a permanent boost if you practice them regularly.

  • - Get a brain workout.
    A brain may not be a muscle, but it also requires regular stimulation to stay in top shape. Therefore, engaging in an activity that will push your cognitive abilities to their limits is a great method of expanding these limits. This will also have a pleasant side benefit of improving your memory.
    In order to be truly valuable for your brainpower, your mental exercise needs to be challenging and provide you with a chance to learn something new. It also must be rewarding as the sense of achievement gives you positive emotions that support the process of learning.
  • - Get a full body workout.
    The vast majority of people underestimate the power of physical exercise. It does not only make your muscles stronger, but enhances all your body functions. One of these functions is cognition. A workout makes the blood run faster through your veins, so it reaches your brain faster and provides it with a boost of oxygen and nutrients. This enhances your senses and helps your brain stay sharp. Try to have a 10 minute exercise break while reading through your notes before a test and you’ll be amazed at how much easier understanding and memorization will become after it. The best physical exercises for the brain are the ones that require a high degree of eye-body coordination or the use of complex motor skills.
  • - Be sure to have 8 hours of sleep every day.
    Sleep deprivation is the #1 enemy of your cognitive ability. When your brain is too tired to function properly, it will start to shut down some of its systems short-term and reduce the strain on all of them. This means dulled reactions and senses if the exhaustion is mild. In case of a severe loss of sleep, a person may develop hallucinations and literally lose their mind. Therefore, pulling an all-nighter before an exam is the worst idea you might have. If you want your cognitive ability to stay in top shape at all times, you will need to get about eight hours of sleep every day.
  • - Stay socially active.

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    Maintaining healthy relationships is essential for mental health. People aren’t solitary creatures by nature and isolation, either enforced or self-imposed, is extremely bad for our mental and emotional health. According to numerous studies, people who have active friendships show a slower rate of age-related memory decline and are less likely to develop dementia.

  • - Laugh as often as you can.
    They say that laughter is good for the soul. Scientists managed to prove that it’s good for the brain as well. Some of the recent studies indicate that listening to jokes develops creativity and enhances mental acumen.
  • - Eat some brain boosters.
    Your diet can power up your brain, and including a few supplements, like Brain Super Booster will give you an extra edge necessary during the exam period. A ‘cognitive’ diet should include seafood, nuts, fresh fruits, berries, and vegetables, green tea, and grape juice. You can also drink a bit of wine, but don’t overindulge as too much alcohol literally destroys your brain cells.

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