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Healthy Summer: 6 Seasonal Dietary Tips

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On one hand, the hot weather in summer makes people seek the lighter foods that will be assimilated easily without causing the feeling of a heavy stomach. On the other hand, a time of active rest and experiences is coming, so it’s essential to stay energized throughout the whole day. It’s easy to achieve all the mentioned results and enjoy a healthy summer simply by adjusting your diet properly.

6 Dietary Tips on Improving Your Nutrition in Summer

1. Start your day with a good breakfast.
Don’t skip this essential meal, especially in summer. A breakfast rich in proteins and healthy fats boosts your metabolism and provides you with a sufficient level of energy for the whole day. All the main nutrients are better taken during your breakfast.

2. Stay properly hydrated.
Due to the natural process of sweating, people tend to lose more liquid during the warm seasons, that’s why sufficient hydration is crucial. Make sure to drink enough water and avoid alcohol, which tend to dewater your body instead. If you do sports, take a bottle of sports drink with you.

3. Enjoy seasonal fruit and vegetables.
All the products that ripen in summer are extremely rich in the nutrients that are the most appropriate for this very season, so it’s the right time to include them in your meals.

4. Benefit from seafood.
This will be the perfect choice for lunch or dinner, because seafood is rich in protein and low in calories at the same time. It’s the best chance to use the benefits of seaweed as well.

5. Eat light and often.
This is one of the most important and effective among summer dietary tips. Instead of having two or three heavy meals during the day, try eat small portions of food every 1-2 hours. This will keep your metabolism active and prevent unnecessary weight gain.

6. Keep beach snacks healthy.
Healthy sandwiches, fruits and a bottle of yogurt will be a better choice than a traditional barbecue or an ice-cream.

Top Foods to Add to Your Meals During a Warm Season

In addition to sticking to the general dietary tips, it’s a good idea to pay attention to several of the most useful and universal seasonal products you can benefit from during the summer.

- Berries.
Among numerous summer berries, raspberries and blueberries deserve to be mentioned first. Raspberries are a perfect source of vitamin C and fiber, thus boasting antioxidant and cholesterol managing qualities. Blueberries successfully fight muscle fatigue and help get rid of excessive free radicals produced during intensive sports training.

This is the perfect source of moisture, and it helps you cleanse your body naturally in addition. Another great feature of watermelon is that it raises the level of nutrients’ absorption and reduces the appetite, thus, allowing you to stay content with less amount of food.

- Tomatoes.
Lycopene, a valuable substance that can be found in tomatoes, is responsible for protecting your skin from overheating and getting sunburns.

- Corn.
The nutrients contained in corn are effective in boosting the resistance to the harmful effects of sun rays, especially for your eyes. It’s also rich in antioxidants, thus slowing down the process of ageing.

- Cherries.
These contain anthocyanins that help burn excessive fat and melatonin, providing you with a restful sleep after an active summer day.

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