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Healthy Hair and Nails Diet: What to Avoid

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If you want to have strong healthy hair and nails, you need to take good care of your body both from the outside and from the inside. Your diet is as important for your beauty as the cosmetic products you use. So, when you experience any problems, for example, hair loss and brittle nails, you need to look into what you eat before you start blaming your shampoo.

Some foods you consume have a strong negative effect on the health of your hair and nails. The most dangerous of them are:

Fish with the high content of mercury.
Today we hear how good fish is for you because it’s rich in omega 3 fats. This is indeed true, but not all kinds of fish are equally useful. Some of them contain high level of mercury that can cause hair loss and a few more health disorders.
However, getting mercury poisoning through fish alone is extremely difficult, unless you eat sushi five times a week. Unfortunately, the number of people who do just that has increased recently.
If you want to avoid these problems, you need to moderate your intake of sword fish, mackerel, and tuna.

The list of sugar’s negative side effects is huge, so you should aim to exclude it from your diet altogether.
The sweets you consume boost the level of blood sugar, which makes your body increase the production of insulin and androgen. The latter is a male hormone that makes your hair follicles shrink. Please note that both women and men are affected by this side effect.

Vitamin A overdose.
While a certain amount of vitamin A is good for both your hair and nails, too much of it has the opposite effect. You are most likely to encounter this problem if you are taking some medications and individual vitamin A supplements of low quality.
Good multivitamins contain a safe dose of this nutrient, but you need to check your diet to not overload it with vitamin A rich foods when you are already taking a supplement.

Pure Super Biotin Naturals

Bear in mind that controlling your intake of potentially “dangerous” foods is not enough to make your hair and nails strong, especially if you suffer from some health issue that weakens your body. Therefore, you will need to get some additional nutrition.

Supplements are the best choice in this case, as they are safe and rarely interfere with any other treatment. You need to choose the product wisely in order to achieve the best results. If your goal is to have thick healthy hair and strong nails, consider Biotin 5000 MG by Quality Nature. You can be sure in the quality of every product manufactured by this company as all their facilities meet FDA standards and all the ingredients go through a thorough quality check.

Biotin from the supplement keeps your hair follicles hydrated, which ensures that they remain strong and healthy. Please note that this ingredient doesn’t make your hair grow faster, but it strengthens your locks, so they can grow long and beautiful.

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