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Healthy Foods: Amazing Benefits of Beans

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Beans are one of the healthiest foods available, so you definitely need to include them in your meal plan if you want to get maximum benefits from your nutrition plan.

This is even more important for vegans and vegetarians as due to their high protein content, legumes make the best replacement for meat. Considering the fact that they have very few disadvantages, even meat-eaters might consider upping their bean intake and cutting down on steaks, especially if you want to stay slim. Doctors and nutritionists definitely agree that legumes are great for our health and advise to consume about 3 cups of them per week.

The most important health benefits of beans are:

- Lowered risk of heart disease.
Of course, the fact that beans have the power to reduce the levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol is a major contributor to their ability to keep your heart healthy. However, additional research indicates that some of the phytochemicals found in legumes also help prevent this incredibly dangerous health condition. Remember that heart disease claims millions of lives every year, so you should use every mean available to protect your cardiovascular system. Healthy eating and regular exercise are most efficient preventative practices for this condition.

- Lowered risk of cancer.
Beans are exceptionally rich in isoflavones, elements that have been proven to reduce the risk of cancer. This isn’t a cure for the horrid disease, but considering the growing number of people affected by this deadly condition, taking precautions seems wise. Low fat content and high nutritious value make legumes a great addition to any diet.

- Improved digestion.
Beans are packed with dietary fiber. Eat them correctly, which means well-cooked and washed down by copious amounts of liquid, and you would be able to enjoy a healthy digestive process. Properly cooked legumes can prevent constipation and promote regularity.

- Diabetes management.
Due to their low glycemic index, beans are one of the best sources of complex carbohydrates and proteins for diabetics. They take a while to digest, so they don’t cause significant spikes in the blood sugar level.
Even people not suffering from diabetes can benefit from this as keeping the blood glucose stable prevents fatigue.

White Kidney Bean Extract

- Nutrient boost.
Eating beans allows you to get a huge dose of essential vitamins and minerals. Each type of legumes has its unique nutritional value, but all of them are great for your health overall. The best thing is that adding beans to your meal plan doesn’t add inches to your waistline.

Beans are such a healthy food that their very essence can be used as a dietary supplement. For example, the extract of white kidney beanspromotes healthy weight loss. Quality Nature offers White Kidney Bean Extract that serves as an effective carb blocker.

Can Beans Be Bad for You?

There are dozens of bean types, and it’s true that not all of them are equally beneficial. Some of them might even be dangerous.

Lupini beans are toxic, but soaking them for 24 hours removes the poisonous chemicals and makes them safe to eat. Bean allergies aren’t common or particularly dangerous. However, sometimes this reaction shows in the form of headaches, instead of rash and skin reddening. Fava beans can cause you blood pressure to rise if they are combined with monoamine oxidase inhibitor (used to treat depression).

Any negatives that beans have are very rare and highly type-specific, so the ‘healthiness’ of this food definitely outweighs any drawbacks.

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