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How to Have Good Memory: A Simple Guide

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It’s not only students who should seek the answer to the question of ‘how to have good memory?’. This part of your brain function affects your cognitive ability as a whole. Therefore, as it declines, the same happens to your cognition. Eventually, this might hinder your brain function as a whole, causing a great variety of health problems.

The good news is that research proves a direct connection between your lifestyle and memory.

How to Have Good Memory: Lifestyle Tips

  • 1.Watch your diet.
    What you eat is essential for improving your memory function, as nutritional deficiencies are main causes of its rapid decline. A healthy and well-balanced diet is a must if you want to keep your brain healthy for many years to come. To promote memory, in particular, you should consume lots of antioxidants (nuts, especially walnuts, leafy greens, kiwi fruits, and bell peppers) and omega 3 fatty acids (fatty fish and nuts).  Brain Super Booster SupplementYou also need to cut down on the foods laden with saturated fats (red meat, fried and deep fried dishes, processed foods) as they are unhealthy for not only the brain but your heart as well.
    You might consider enriching your regular diet with brain boosting supplements. For example, Brain Super Booster from Quality Nature. This product is based on herbs traditionally used for improving cognition and restoring emotional balance. They don’t make you super-smart, but they help you realize your full potential and improve the general health of the brain.
  • 2.Exercise regularly.
    A workout is one of the best brain boosters there are. Numerous studies have proven that regular exercise improves blood flow to the brain. This, in turn, improves memory and the overall cognition. Therefore, you learn new information faster and retain it more easily.
  • 3.Exercise your brain.
    Learning new languages, playing games that develop strategic and tactical thinking, solving problems, and even writing music are fantastically effective exercises for the brain. You should never forget that your brain is a ‘machine’, and like any other system, it deteriorates without use. Repetitive tasks at work and home dull your intelligence.
    So, instead of asking ‘how to have good memory’, you should focus on ‘how can I exercise it more’. Learn new things and you’ll see that with time, this will get much easier, so you’ll be able to handle bigger tasks. The trick is to never stop growing and improving yourself.
  • 4.Get a good night’s sleep.
    Sleep deprivation is the most dangerous enemy of your brain, so be sure to plan your days in a way that allows you to get the necessary 8 hours of good rest. If you have trouble with falling asleep, look into natural treatments for insomnia. In the majority of cases, this problem can be solved with some lifestyle changes and a bit of meditation. In case this doesn’t help, you should consult a doctor as sleep disorders can be a symptom of some dangerous conditions.

These four simple changes will help you improve your memory and brain function as a whole and keep your cognitive abilities sharp at all times. However, if you wonder how to have good memory right now, you might look into various easy memorization techniques, such as acronyms, visualizations, associations, etc. There are dozens of ‘tricks’ like this, but their efficiency varies due to lots of individual factors. Therefore, you’ll have to try quite a few methods to pick the ones that work for you personally.

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