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Drink More Water: Why and How

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They saying ‘water is life’ might seem a bit extreme, but it’s ultimately true. Water amounts to 60% of our bodies’ composition, so dehydration is literally fatal for humans. Maintaining a healthy level of body fluids is vital for staying healthy in general.

Here are some of the reasons why drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day is a definite must:

  • It keeps your muscles energized.
    To prevent muscle fatigue (as well as a variety of other problems) one needs to maintain a high level of electrolytes. These are fluids that transmit nervous signals. If cells don’t have enough fluids, they shrivel, and muscles are usually first to go. Thus, the fatigue and general weakness.
    Note that you need to drink more water during a workout, and professional athletes might require specialized electrolyte fluids. Consult your trainer about a healthy amount of liquid you need to consume while exercising.
  • It helps improve the condition of your skin.
    Hydration is essential for beauty as it enhances the body’s ability to form a protective barrier over your skin. Moisturizing creams make your face smoother and bring out healthy color, but they won’t be effective on their own. Complementing their effects with proper hydration from the inside is vital for producing beautiful results.
  • It normalizes the bowel function.
    They say drinking more water helps with weight loss, but there isn’t enough evidence to prove that this liquid has some special fat burning powers. However, consuming a healthy amount of water daily prevents constipation and generally normalizes your digestion. This definitely contributes to effective weight loss.
  • It keeps your kidneys healthy.
    Kidney stones are an extremely dangerous and painful condition, like any other problem that affects this organ. Drinking more water helps remove toxins from kidneys and ensures they function properly. This reduces the risk of many diseases as well as boosts your general health because kidneys are a vitally important ‘natural filter’ in your body along with the liver. You can enhance the detox effect of the liquid by including some delicious cleansing drinks in your routine.

How to Drink More Water Every Day

Some people find it hard to drink a healthy amount of water daily. We share some tricks on how you can develop this great habit and make it stick.

  • Buy a beautiful water bottle and take it with you everywhere.
    You need to remember that you have to increase your water intake, and carrying around a bottle will definitely help you with this. If you genuinely like this piece, your eyes would return to it all the time and you’ll enjoy drinking from it.
  • Make your water delicious.
    It’s hard to get excited about consuming 8 glasses of plain water, but you can change your attitude as well as increase the health benefits of the drink by infusing it with fruits, veggies, or herbs. Just put a few slices or leaves into a jar you drink from during the day. Try experimenting with new flavors to keep the excitement going.
  • Use an app.
    If you are one of the people who use their smartphones all the time, you can download a specialized ‘water app’ that will keep track of how much liquid you need to consume and remind you about it.
  • Eat spicy food.
    ‘Hot’ foods are good for your health and they also motivate you to drink more as you’ll need to ‘douse the fire’ in your mouth.

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