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Talk About Beauty: Do Phytoceramides Really Work?

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If you want to find a truthful answer to the question of ‘Do phytoceramides really work?’ you should start with asking ‘How do phytoceramides work?’ This way, you’ll be able to understand what exactly these elements do to your skin and determine whether taking these supplements would really be effective for you.

Ceramides and Their Role in the Skin

Ceramides are a lipid naturally occurring in the skin (all four layers of the dermis). This substance helps keep the skin hydrated and firm. We can obtain these lipids from various foods, such as wheat, soybeans, eggs, and dairy products.

These elements are essential for maintaining the integrity, firmness, and health of the skin, because they provide it with a protective barrier that retains moisture and prevents infection. Dryness, dermatitis, and even wrinkles are directly tied to the reduction in the amount of ceramides in the skin.

Now, the logical question is ‘Why do we suffer from ceramide-related skin issues if these lipids are freely available in food?’

It’s true that some dietary changes can enhance your beauty by increasing your intake of some essential elements, such as vitamins E and C. However, it’s important to understand that we don’t really eat pure ceramides. Food sources provide us with sphingolipids, which are processed by the body to separate the necessary kind of lipid used by the skin. There are dozens of factors that affect both the absorption and transformation of these elements, so the actual intake of ceramides from food is relatively small and can vary greatly.

Why Do Phytoceramides Really Work?

Phytoceramides are equivalent to ceramides, derived from plants. They don’t need extra processing, so their absorption rate is much higher. When they reach your skin, they act the same way as ceramides, protecting the cells from negative outside influences and keeping moisture within the dermis.

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Therefore, infusing your skin with these lipids has an overall moisturizing and firming effect. This results in a healthier looking skin that has a higher resistance to the environment. You also get the added bonus of slowing down the process of natural aging, so the wrinkles won’t mar your skin for years to come.

Phytoceramide Supplements Vs. Creams

Another important question to ask alongside ‘Do phytoceramides really work?’ is ‘How do they work best?’ Today you can find a variety of cosmetic products that contain these vital beauty elements, as well as quite a few supplements.

Both these products work, because they provide your body with the plant-based analogue of ceramides. It’s their efficiency that differs.

Phytoceramide creams and serums can provide a fast visible result, because they are applied topically. Therefore, they start acting right away, making your skin more hydrated and firm. The problem with them is that even well-absorbed topical products don’t reach all the way into the skin.

In order for ceramides to work properly, it’s essential for all four layers of the dermis to be full of them. This is where phytoceramide supplements come into play. They nourish your body from the inside, ensuring that every cell gets the lipids it needs.

You also shouldn’t forget that Phytoceramides from Quality Nature contain not only these vital elements. This beauty supplement is full of important nutrients that improve the condition of your skin and help slow down the process of aging naturally. Combining phytoceramide supplements with high-quality creams that fit your skin type will allow you to achieve the best effect.

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