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Top 6 Best Foods for the Immune System

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Keeping your immune system strong is vital for your health as a whole, because it serves as your protection from disease. However, today this task can be quite challenging, because people often lead unhealthy lifestyles, and the environmental pollution puts a lot of strain on your natural defenses. Eating these foods for the immune system regularly will help you strengthen it and become a healthier person overall.

  • Yogurt.
    This food gives you probiotics, the ‘good’ bacteria that populate your intestines and help maintain the overall health of the immune system. Poor eating habits and some drugs (antibiotics in particular) kill these ‘friendly’ cultures, so you might need more than a glass of yogurt a day to restore your immunity. In this case, you should consider using supplements, like  Probiotic Advantage.
  • Probiotic Advantage

    Barley and oats.
    These particular grains stand out due to their high content of beta-glucan, an antimicrobial element more potent than Echinacea. Eating about one serving of them per day will help you not only strengthen your immunity as a whole. It might make antibiotics more efficient when you are healing from a disease.

  • Garlic.
    Garlic makes your food more delicious and your body stronger. It contains highly potent elements that help fight infection and bacteria. However, they are produced only if you crush a garlic clove and leave it for about 10-15 minutes before using. Research indicates that garlic works best for prevention. Therefore, eating it regularly can reduce the chances of catching a cold or a flu. Two cloves a day would be enough to produce the desired effect.
  • Shellfish.
    Crabs, lobsters, oysters, and clams are some of the best foods for the immune system, because they contain lots of easily-absorbed selenium. This element helps the white blood cells produce cytokines, proteins that fight viruses.  
    You should also increase your intake of fatty fish as it’s rich in omega 3 fats. These essential fatty acids reduce the level of inflammation in the body.
  • Chicken soup.
    a bottle with vitamin D pills A cup of fresh and hot chicken soup is indeed one of the best remedies for cold. This has been proven by researchers from the University of Nebraska. Their study indicated that chicken soup can block the migration of white blood cells that carry inflammation. A cold is a response of the body to the accumulation of these cells in the bronchial tubes. Chicken soup acts like a bronchitis drug acetyl-cysteine, because it contains cysteine produced by the chicken during the cooking process. You can make this delicious remedy even more effective by adding garlic and onions.
  • Tea.
    A research from Harvard shows that people who drink 5 cups of black tea a day have a higher resistance to viruses. This is caused by the fact that the drink contains the amino acid L-theanine, which produces interferon in the blood. Note that both green and decaf teas have this element too, so it doesn’t matter which beverage you choose.

You shouldn’t forget that it’s not only the diet that affects your defenses. To have a strong immunity, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, which means more physical exercise, well-balanced eating, and no smoking and drugs.

You also need to remember about vitamin D, an element you can’t get from food alone as it’s produced by the body. Taking a supplement, such as Vitamin D 5,000 IU from Quality Nature can prevent a deficiency of this element.

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