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8 Simple Ways to Suppress Appetite

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Increased appetite is a widespread issue in the modern world. It can be caused by a number of psychological and emotional problems. Whatever the reasons are, overeating is highly unhealthy and can lead to serious diseases. Therefore, you should fight this unhealthy habit immediately.

People who are trying to lose weight have to work even harder on this, because for them, nothing can be worse than the temptation to have a snack when every calorie counts. In this case, appetite becomes the enemy that prevents you from achieving the body of your dreams.

It’s much easier to deal with your appetite rather than treat diseases afterward. Therefore, you should deal with this issue before it turns into a real problem. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to suppress appetite.

Way #1: Drinking More Water

Our body often confuses hunger with dehydration and makes us seek water in food. Keep your water bottle full and you’ll be able to drive the appetite off. Besides that, water helps relieve stress, which is also responsible for people craving more food.

Way #2: Eating Breakfast

Many people neglect eating breakfast or limit themselves to drinking coffee, hoping they will be able to hold out until lunch. In reality, they often grab snack foods long before the lunch hour, filling their stomachs with unhealthy foods and increasing the risk of hypertension.

Way #4: Doing Exercise

Physical exercise presents the best way to focus on the activity and keep your thoughts off hunger for a while. Note that a workout will give you a healthy appetite as you need to ‘recharge’. To avoid overeating post-exercise, you need to count your calories carefully. In general, you need to refill 3 calories for every 10 spent.

Way #5: Getting Enough Sleep

Many studies have proven that sleep deprivation may cause us to eat more calorie-laden foods. This happens because the body needs extra energy to run due to overworking. Sweets cravings are one of the most common issues in this case as your body needs glucose. On the other hand, oversleeping is unhealthy too. Adjust your lifestyle so that you get 8 hours of healthy sleep everyday.

Way #6: Paying Attention to the Process of Eating

Excessive appetite can be prevented by applying techniques of mindful eating. It has been proven that watching TV can contribute to larger portions of food being consumed. It’s also recommended to use smaller plates. Equal amounts of food on plates different in size are perceived by our brain differently, which leads to involuntary overeating when larger plates are used. As far as the duration of a meal is concerned, it’s desirable to spend at least 20 minutes on it, to chew the food be well.

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Way #7: Getting Right Supplements

You can help your body suppress appetite by taking high-quality nutritional supplements. Forskolin Coleus Forskohlii and Garcinia Cambogia 80% HCA from Quality Nature will help keep your appetite under control as well as reduce your weight.

Way #8: Breathing Hunger Away

Stress causes our body to produce cortisol. This creates a resistance to leptin, a hormone responsible for feeling full.

The following breathing technique can help reduce stress and thus fight your appetite:

  1. 1. Breathe in fully with your belly letting your shoulders slump.
  2. 2. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds.
  3. 3. Slowly breathe out counting to five.

Repeat for five minutes whenever you feel hungry and the feeling will go away.

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