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5 Main Cancer Triggers in Foods You Should Avoid

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While choosing the best foods for their meals, people always pay attention to the obvious characteristics like freshness, appearance, and a pleasant smell. However, not all dangers lie on the surface. Many foods sold in stores today contain some really harmful additives that are recognized as potential cancer triggers by contemporary scientific research.

5 Dangerous Food Additives That Are Potential Cancer Triggers

  • 1.Sodium nitrate.
    This additive is one of the most widespread in meat and fish food industry. It’s a strong preservative that can be found almost in any type of processed meat or smoked fish. It can cause cancer and damages liver, pancreas, and the digestive system in general.
  • 2.Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA).
    This is responsible for food preservation and coloring and prevents stale food from changing flavor and color. In addition to a carcinogenic effect, it also affects the neurologic system of a brain. This additive is commonly found in potato chips, lard, cereals, and enriched rice.
  • 3.Aspartame (E951).
    Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that was proven to be among the dangerous cancer triggers. Moreover, it has awful effects on the short-term memory, cognitive abilities and causes numerous brain-related diseases starting from mere dizziness and headaches and ending with Alzheimer’s. This additive is contained in diet coke, various jelly desserts, iced tea and many more products.
  • 4.Potassium bromate.
    The main potential source of potassium bromate is white bread. To avoid encountering it you should choose the freshest whole grain bread of the highest quality only.
  • 5.Red food dye (E124).
    This dye found in ice cream, candies, and bakery products is proven to cause thyroid cancer. It also has a bad impact on the brain’s activity.

How to Avoid Consuming Harmful Ingredients

Although every diet includes a certain amount of products from stores, there are several simple rules that will help you avoid buying foods with cancer triggers and significantly reduce the risk of eating unhealthy.

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  • Read the labels carefully.
    Actually, many harmful additives become obvious if you simply read the contents carefully. It’s a good idea to become aware of the chemical abbreviations used for the most dangerous substances.
  • Base your diet on natural, unprocessed, whole foods.
    These products are almost 100% healthy so by consuming them as a foundation of your everyday diet you will significantly lower the risk of eating any carcinogenic additives.
  • Benefit from seasonal products.
    The fruit and vegetables that are ripe in a certain season are fresh and rich with essential nutrients. There’s simply no need to add any preservatives or food dyes to them so you can eat them without fear.
  • Get an additional source of vitamins.
    If the season is not rich for fresh foods, you can consider using an additional healthy source of vitamins instead of buying preserved products of doubtful quality. For example, high-quality food supplements like Multivitamin Gummies by Quality Nature can provide you with a sufficient amount of crucial vitamins and minerals throughout the whole year.
  • Avoid products that contain preservatives, coloring additives and sweeteners.
    Instead of spending your time on figuring out whether a certain additive is harmless or not, you can simply exclude such products from your diet as the natural unpreserved food range today offers enough delicious alternatives!

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