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4 Simple Methods to Promote Your Thyroid Health

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Thyroid disease is rather common nowadays, and the number of people suffering from this dangerous condition is increasing every year. Women are more prone to various thyroid afflictions than men, though both genders are in danger of developing this problem with age.

There are many factors that can trigger or increase the risk of thyroid diseases. The most prominent of them are radiation and genetics. Using a sunscreen at all times and avoiding the outdoors while the level of UV radiation is the highest can help you reduce the risk from this side. However, if you have a genetic predisposition to thyroid conditions, you will need to be much more careful. The following tips can help you maintain a healthy thyroid function throughout your life.

1. Avoid bromines and chlorides.
Both these elements have a strong negative effect on your health in general. Bromine, in particular, interferes with your body’s ability to retain iodine, an element necessary for proper thyroid function. It’s almost impossible to avoid these toxic elements completely, but you can limit your exposure to them. Stay away from major bromine sources, such as pesticides, soft drinks, toxic plastics, dough conditioner (potassium bromate), bromine-based hot-tub and swimming pool treatments, fire retardants, and some medications. Pesticides are the major source of harmful bromide, so consider switching to organic products.

2. Ban unfermented soy products from your kitchen.
Soy products are often promoted as healthy foods and come recommended for vegans and vegetarians. However, numerous studies indicate that this particular food is not healthy at all. Consumption of unfermented soy products is linked to a variety of dangerous conditions, including hormonal disorders caused by its effect on your thyroid gland. Although there is no solid proof that this food is really dangerous, it would be best to avoid it if you are in a high-risk group for thyroid disease.

3. Switch to a thyroid-friendly diet.
Receiving proper nutrition is essential for maintaining your good health, and it’s even more so for those who suffer from thyroid conditions. In this case, you need to make sure that your daily meals contain extra doses of three essential elements:

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a. Iodine.
This is the #1 nutrient for the thyroid because it’s the building material the gland uses to produce hormones. In essence, iodine deficiency is the ultimate reason for thyroid-related hormonal conditions. Unfortunately, millions of people in the US don’t have enough iodine in their systems. This problem is most serious among pregnant and nursing women who have the lowest levels of this nutrient.
Iodine-rich foods: sea vegetables, cranberries, strawberries, navy beans, organic yogurt.

b. Zinc.
A deficiency in this mineral will lead to low levels of some thyroid hormones and interfere with the gland’s function as a whole. Note that both hypo and hyperthyroidism can cause zinc deficiency.
Zinc-rich foods: seafood, beef, cashews, chickpeas.

c. Selenium.
This element is vital for your thyroid gland because it contains enzymes that protect it from stress by ‘flushing’ dangerous toxins. This mineral also helps regulate the synthesis of thyroid hormones.
Selenium-rich foods: Brazil nuts, seafood, cooked tuna.

4. Start taking supplements.
If someone in your immediate family is suffering from thyroid disease, you will need extra protection. Try Thyroid Support Formula from Quality Nature
. This supplement promotes thyroid health and helps normalize your metabolism. It’s completely safe and can mix with some specialized thyroid medications.

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