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4 Natural Solutions to Improve Your Nails Growth

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Healthy and gorgeous nails have always been indications of a neat appearance and good health. However, there are some factors that can contribute to the slowing of their growth, e.g. various illnesses, some types of medication, an insufficient amount of nutrients, the natural process of aging and so on. A balanced diet and good care are of course vital, but there are also other natural ways to make the nails grow even faster.

Solution #1: Essential Oils

Essential oils can be the perfect solution to help nails susceptible to fungal infections and breakages recover.

Olive oil is considered to be among the best to bring good results because of its high amount of vitamin E and its ability to nourish the skin, cuticles, and nails. For the best effect, it’s necessary to warm the oil, put it on, and massage for 5 minutes.

Coconut oil can be a powerful weapon against hangnails and cuticle infections. One possible way to use it is to prepare a nail soak comprising of ¼ cup of coconut oil, ¼ cup of honey and 4 drops of rosemary essential oil. This essence should be warmed for 20 seconds. Then, you should dip your nails into it and keep them in there for 15 minutes. For an even better outcome, this procedure should be repeated twice a week.

Flaxseed and peppermint oils are also among the most valuable sources of vitamins and important chemicals for better nails growth.

Solution #2: Citrus Fruits

As a valuable source of collagen, citrus fruits are known to have a positive impact on nails. Orange juice contains a high amount of vitamin C, which plays a major role in collagen production and, therefore, contributes to strengthening your nails and stimulating their growth. The best way to use orange juice is to make soaks.

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Another option is lemons, which is also a rich source of vitamin C. Moreover, it can become a good remedy for curing yellowness of the nails and adding a beautiful shine to them. The soak can be prepared simply by mixing 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of olive oil.Once the solution is properly heated, you should then keep your nails in it for 10 minutes. Apart from this, you can also put pieces of lemon on your nails. However, you should make sure there aren’t any nicks or cuts on your fingers, as the lemon juice will sting.

Solution #3: Biotin

Vitamin H, which is called biotin, is important to the growth of nails. Along with the other beneficial applications of the biotin, it plays a major role in improving the keratin structure. The lack of this vitamin can result in weakened and frequently broken nails. There are some foods that naturally contain biotin, such as tomatoes, cauliflower, milk, strawberries, walnuts and many others. But you can also take biotin supplements, such as Pure Super Biotin Naturals, which can enhance the state of your nails.

Solution #4: Egg Shells

Egg shells can be beneficial to people’s nails as they are full of different minerals, calcium, protein, iron,manganese, copper, zinc, magnesium, boron,phosphorus, etc. The preparation of the solution consists of blending eggshells, pecans, almonds and flax seeds, mixing them together and adding a teaspoon of the powder to warm milk. Drink this mixture every morning, and the results will be obvious within the first month.

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